Introducing Racer Cards

Hey guys!

Since Dirty Deeds is now in BETA and pretty stable, we wanted to introduce everyone to the components, and some useful information that should help get you scheming. First on the list are the Racer cards!
With our latest design we tried to break it down into more distinct parts so that players could get the information they need quickly while letting the 12 unique racers taste remain on display.

Without further delay here are a few must knows for our current Racer stack:

Racer cards represent a unique racer, a colored pawn matching the cache color is their stand in on the board.


Each racer has a unique personality of their own, and they loosely dictate their accompanying effects and abilities found throughout the game. The racers ICON (1) is featured on cards found in the deck. So always try to keep tabs on: who’s been in play, who’s in play, and who’s has yet to race, it’s usually the difference between winning and loosing. Sometimes if your wondering if you should do something it helps to think “What would this racer do? What’s there motivation?”


Think of it as energy and when that energy is depleted the racer is removed from play. Currently the values range from 13-15 (4 Racers at each value) and the only way to deplete ACTION POINTS (3) are to play cards; you are rewarded for using the last remaining Action Point of a racer. Always try to be the player that finishes the Action Stack especially when there are a lot of points up for grabs; you don’t want to be the one that gives up a big pot.


These are bonus actions that are useful for thwarting other players scheming attempts or just boosting the chance that the game might tip in your favor. It’s all about timing, and knowing when to use an ability or play a card will give you an advantage over the competition, so don’t miss your chance! Always be weary of the Influence COST(4), they range from 2-5 influence, so you might not have enough the next time its your turn. Also remember who the ABILITY EFFECT(6) targets, you don’t want to make a mistake and lose the game.

This component has been one of the most troubling to deal with so, in an attempt to get players interact with them, we made them even BIGGER. Bonus points; it also gave us more space for artwork. The oversized cards really draw attention their way, and they should, since a lot of the focus of Dirty Deeds, is on the Racers. Now people really interact with them, pick them up, pass them around etc., combined with some other innovations, we’re hoping to present something fun and unique, that everyone can enjoy for a long time.

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